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Past Exhibition

  • Gina Duque

    Gina Duque

Rebirth: A Journey Within

Gina Duque

May 12 - June 30, 2012

The workings of the mind have a special interest for Walkerton based artist Gina Duque, specifically in the context of healing and well-being. For Duque, art is a creative process, a therapeutic tool and a path to wellness. She seeks to convey "a sense of ethereality and vitality," achieving this with a passionate use of colour, texture and sculptural form. Mysticism, medicine and spirituality are blended with her Colombian roots to create her warm, evocative works.

Duque is both a student studying art at Western University and someone with a personal experience of cancer. This dual identity has led her to explore alternate healing therapies and to educate herself about the bodily processes involved in disease and treatment. Her preoccupations are reflected in the titles and subject matter of many of her paintings: Amending Atrophia (atrophy), Eukarya (eukaryote cells), Microvilli (cellular membrane protrusions), and Macros Phagein (immune cells known as macrophages which fight pathogens).

Her vibrantly-hued paintings, prints and mixed media demonstrate her recent engagement with art as a mind and body practice that in turn fosters mind/body healing. The work becomes an imaginative visual diary of her mental and physical processes, expressing her self-education, optimism and practice of using visualization techniques to aid healing.