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  •  Community Show

    Community Show

Carte Blanche for A.R.T.

Community Show

January 18 - March 10, 2019

The term “Salon Show” is taken from Paris salon shows of the 19th century. These types of shows had strong associations with academic art and were held by Academic and wealthy patrons. The Salon was a stepping stone in the development of public art museums. “Salon-style” refers to the hanging of artwork side-by-side and over another.

The Durham Art Gallery Carte Blanche for A.R.T. is our Salon-style show being held in the East Gallery. Community members in West Grey with given names who begin with A, R, or T have submitted artwork (gifted, bought, or made) to fill the walls of the Gallery.

Angela submitted photographs that she took in West Grey.

Ruth submitted artwork from her personal collection.

Tony submitted a painting he was gifted.

Come and see the many treasures of West Grey from numerous personal collections.

Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work.